Crisis Counseling

In order for her to make the best decision for her unique situation, she needs to be adequately informed regarding all of her options and their long and short term implications.

A woman making choices about an unplanned pregnancy may be facing one of the most difficult and important decisions in her life.

Since many health care or social service professionals may not have the time to help her process her emotions, her needs and her choices, we are here to do just that.

Information & Referral

Decisions are often based on misinformation or a result from a lack of resources. We take as long as necessary to provide each client with the information and resources she needs to make a good decision regarding her unexpected pregnancy and to help her move ahead with her life.


  • Free Pregnancy Test with Immediate Results
  • Free Ultrasound Test
  • Pregnancy Counseling
  • Family Planning Counseling
  • Limited Financial Assistance
  • All of our services are free of charge and are strictly confidential

Individual & Family Counseling

An unplanned pregnancy does not occur in a vacuum. There are issues relating to family dynamics, self esteem, relationships, substance abuse, education and career, etc., which need to be addressed. Our individual and family counseling provides that opportunity.

Our staff has been trained by experts who have counseled thousands of teens, women and their families. Our greatest concern is the physical and emotional health and safety of our clients.